CHD 6800

Product bundle: 10.1" All In One POS System & Sales software with Cloud back office

Product bundle includes:

  • Reliable hardware CHD6800 with 10.1" P-CAP screen and 58 mm thermal printer
  • Simple sales software (miniPOS)
  • Cloud based back office system


True All In One CHD 6800 designed and built by professionals for retailers that demand reliability at the sales point:

 Reliable hardware:

  • Retail hardened hardware
  • Automotive grade components
  • Life expectancy: 7+ years
  • Designed for 24/7 operations
  • Professional tools: KIOSK MODE, APP LOCKER, IP Printer, QR code printing

 miniPOS - simple sales software:

  • Easy to use in daily sales operations
  • All traditional cash register features
  • Stylish keybord layouts
  • Set up and manage from anywhere
  • Adaptable to various fiscal requirements

  Cloud-based inventory management system:

  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Access from anywhere via internet browser
  • Real time business data
  • All sales and purchase data at one place
  • Wide range of reports


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