Handheld cash register

CHD 7 is a mobile cash register. CHD 7 is the ideal solution for small retail locations, where compactness and mobility are the determinant factors. The compact and modern design of the cash register allows convenient work either holding it in hand, or placing it stationary on the counter. The large LCD display and backlit keyboard provide handy work with the cash register in any conditions. CHD 7 weighs only 500 grams!

Despite its compactness, CHD 7 incorporates all the functions that are necessary for daily work with the cash register. Also communication between CHD 7 and computer is possible for sending the new items to the cash register and for reading the sales data from the cash register. Now together with the cash register we offer computer application that allows to conveniently send the items to the cash register and to receive sales reports and view them in Excel type applications. You can download ECR Configurator software for easy work with the cash register at our home page.

Barcode Scanner 
For already many decades barcodes make the work of salespersons easier. Up to now barcode scanner has been a device that is connected to the cash register. With CHD 7 we have created a cash register with already integrated barcode scanner – thus full mobility is provided at the retail location. Choose CHD 7 model with the in-built barcode scanner, if the items at your retail location are labelled with barcodes!

Mobility in Movement 
Choose CHD 7 version with the in-built GSM/GPRS wireless data transfer module and gain the opportunity to transfer data while moving!

Power Supply
Powerful battery provides mobile work with the cash register for up to 8 hours. If it is necessary to work with CHD 7 for longer hours – change the empty battery with a charged one and continue the work. We have attributed the principle of compactness also to battery charging – external charging base is not necessary for charging the CHD 7 battery! To charge the battery, simply connect the charging cable to it. 

CHD 7 with barcode scanner and GSM/GPRS data transfer function has separate device modifications.

ECR parameters
PLU count 5000
Departments 8
Payments 3
Currencies 5
Users 20
Graphical logo
Header 7 lines
Reports Financial, PLU, Departments, Clerk, Hourly, In-Drawer
Electronic journal
Physical parameters
Dimensions 85 x 220 x 50/65 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
Case Plastic
Operation temp. -10С to +48С
Keyboard Stroke, with symbols
Number of keys 35
Sound indicators Yes
Operator display LCD, 128x64 dot
Customer display 1 x 10 numeric
RS232 Interface 1x
GSM/GPRS Aditional option
Communication ports 1xUSB, 1xRS232
Power supply 9V, 1A
Printer type Thermal
Printer reliability 50 km or more
Print speed 60 mm/s
Printer width 58mm
Thermal paper rolls 57mmx10m
Additional battery
Battery type Li-Ion
Operating duration Up to 8 hours
Scanner Option
Scanner type Laser, 1D